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Arrangements for flights to Malvinas

16 February 2018

Within the framework of bilateral relations and with a view to proposing positive actions on issues of shared interest, Argentina and the United Kingdom have jointly acted before the governments of Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay in order to invite airlines from those countries to operate a weekly flight to the Malvinas Islands.

This will be a weekly flight from one of the countries mentioned above that will make a stop twice a month at a major airport on the Argentine mainland, to be determined together with Argentine aviation authorities.

These flights will be operated within the framework of the Joint Statement and Exchange of Notes signed under the sovereignty formula between the Governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom on 14 July 1999, which is the legal basis for flights between the Malvinas Islands and third countries.

It should be noted that since 1999, LATAM operates a weekly flight between Punta Arenas and the Malvinas Islands, with two monthly stops at Río Gallegos, one in each direction.

This potential new air link will enable more regular contact with the Islands, thus contributing to building trust and establishing closer ties with the inhabitants of the Islands, which will help us hold a closer dialogue and foster greater understanding between the mainland and the Malvinas Islands.

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