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Bilateral Treaties

Existing Bilateral Treaties

Framework Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation

The institutional framework between Argentina and the EU it’s based on the Framework Agreement for Commercial and Economic Cooperation, signed in 1990 and approved by Congress by Law 23,932 (1991). This Agreement is in force and provides for its automatic renewal unless one of the Contracting Parties denounces it six months before its expiration. It establishes annual Joint Committee meetings, to be held alternately in Brussels and Buenos Aires.

This Agreement is part of the so-called "third generation" agreements, of which its distinct components are:

- Democratic clause: it conditions cooperation to the maintenance of a democratic system of government that guarantees the respect of human rights.

- Review clause: it favors the signing of sectorial cooperation agreements.

- Enhanced cooperation: it promotes economic cooperation, joint ventures and programs in science and technology.

The follow-up of the agreement entails periodic meetings of the Argentina – EU Joint Commission, including cooperation on higher education, the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and science & technology among other topics. Argentina-EU dialogues include human rights, and macroeconomic issues.

The full text of the treaty is available here:



Other current Argentina-EU Agreements

There has been a wide range of bilateral treaties since the early seventies. Product of a longstanding and fruitful relationship, many agreements have been reach in areas such us commerce and industrial development, pacific uses of atomic energy, science, research and innovation and human rights, among others.

A full list of bilateral agreements is available here:


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